Sangil: Looking back

Max Sangil

I LOVE looking back on the past important events which were printed in the opinion page of this paper. My articles are piled high and year by year I revisit and review them if what I vision to happen, happened really.

Retro. October 2015. It was a very busy week for me. Writing this column which comes out three times a week in this well circulated and best subscribed daily. Having a daily radio program with John Susi at 92.7 fm that forces me to be dressed and ready by seven in the morning and join the early morning traffic on my way to the radio station in Sindalan, City of San Fernando. (I’m no longer with Brigada and moved to hosting thrice a week public affairs program CTV3 titled TRENDING MAX).

After one hour on the air with John Susi, I have to rush back to Angeles City all the way to city hall and somehow stressed battling heavy traffic on the intersections of Dela Paz Norte, Balite, Telebastagan and then hold my nerves inorder not explode when negotiating Pandan road where heavy equipment are rushing the road to the completion of its drainage system. ( The traffic in San Fernando got worst, while the Pandan road project was finished after series of follow ups by Mayor Ed Pamintuan).

The 2016 elections. Prepared my certificate of candidacy with the help of lawyers. Photo shoot for the tarpaulins. Conferred with team mates. When all these were done, the filing was scheduled and completed Tuesday. It took time the introductions of everyone of us starting with reelectionist Mayor Ed Pamintuan and running mate, the young and brilliant lawyer Bryan Nepomuceno. The team ABEKA is composed of incumbents Councilors Jericho Aguas, Alex Indiongco, Edu Pamintuan, Amos Rivera and myself. Completing the team are Gerom Costales, Tony Trinidad, Jae Flores, Dan Lacson and Alfie Bonifacio. ( I lost my reelection and run short of 1,000 votes. (The reason mainly was there were 3 Sangils who run for council seats).

The elections in Pampanga. Equally ready are several candidates all over the province. In the front page of Sun Star yesterday, this paper came out with front page photos of former Angeles City Councilor Jonjon Lazatin accompanied by his father former Congressman and Mayor Carmelo 'Tarzan' Lazatin and both holding and displayed the accomplished COC. On the top photo were candidates of the Kambilan, the dominant local party in Pampanga, headed by incumbent Governor Lilia 'Nanay Baby' Pineda. With her were Vice Governor Dennis Pineda and Congressman Yeng Guiao. Said the other headline, 'Guiao to wrestle House seat with younger Lazatin'. Many observers are saying this a beautiful match up worth watching. (The incumbent Yeng Guiao was thrashed).

With the entry of former Congressman Dong Gonzales it will be a three cornered contest in the congressional race in the third district with former City of San Fernando Councilor Pol Quiwa and the man to beat, incumbent Representative Oscar Rodriguez who is gunning for a reelection.(Oca Rodriguez was defeated by Gonzales). In the fourth district, Apalit Mayor Jun Tetangco will face incumbent Congressman Rimpy Bondoc. (Tetangco made unsuccessful bid)..In the second district, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will run and finish her third and final term in the second congressional district. As of this writing no report yet about a possible opponent or opponents. (She run unopposed).

There are several towns in Pampanga where contests are worth watching and may go down the wire till balloting time. In Porac town, the contest between incumbent Mayor Carling De La Cruz and Councilor Mike Tapang is quite interesting. Both count legion of followers. Same thing in Bacolor with the return of ex-Mayor Buddy Dungca. Interesting too is the face-off between older brother Bobong Flores facing his younger sister, incumbent Mayor Annette Flores Balgan in the Macabebe mayoral race. In the other towns though, we can consider them as no contest, say in Lubao and Sta. Rita. And in the City of San Fernando, incumbent Mayor Edwin Santiago maybe running by his lonesome, as my sources are saying that the only worthy opponent, ex-Mayor Rey Aquino developed a cold feet.(The elections in several towns in the province was considerably peaceful. Mike Tapang, Buddy Dungca, and Bobong Flores were all unsuccessful).