De Leon: Dealing with #WorkplaceFavoritism

FAVORITISM is alive and well in any workplace. Can you easily spot some signs if your superior is practicing favoritism in your team?

Here are five basic things that may lead you to an answer:

1. He or she hangs out too often with the "chosen ones."

2. The "chosen ones" get away with habitual tardiness and violations.

3. Not everyone gets equal workload.

4. Someone gets promoted too fast (and doesn't deserve it).

5. "The chosen ones" get a good project even if it's not aligned with his or her strengths.

Now, while it is quite awkward to open up this up with the actual boss who's doing it, it can still be addressed if you manage to pull off the right conversation.

Instead of going around on who's the "the chosen one," focus your conversation about career goals.

Show your enthusiasm to achieve them. Emphasize that you need his or her help to smash these aspirations.

Find a way to indirectly remind your manager that it's his or her responsibility to develop your own career, despite how many you are in the team.

Always remember, this is politics and it exists in every cubicle prison.

But only those who have the guts and the grit can conspire with the universe.

This might take more time and a series of conversations, so don't immediately dive into execution without looking at strategy. Don't zoom-in, when the first step is to zoom out.

You can always to choose to be silent if your calculation tells you it will backfire on you. But there's no way you can complain about it so loud.

As they say, rants don't solve problems: they make them more painful.

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