Mercado: It’s More Fun In the Philippines

Ram Mercado

I THINK the Noynoy presidency beats the Duterte administration in sloganeering with “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”.

Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebels was the purveyor of the concept that a lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth. It is a big lie in the tourism promotion industry.

Goebels manipulated Hitler’s mind that Nazism is contrapuntal to Christian belief. Such was the way, the life and the truth in building an Aryan race of superior people. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” was P-Noy’s battle cry in the war for tourist dollars. It beats all previous propaganda in inviting foreign visitors to our shores. The SBMA-Clark area is famous for its tourism industry. The US military’s (R&R) program built the hospitality industry with our beaches by day and the bitches by night.

Visitors to Lupang Hinirang have a grand time observing government officials doing all conceivable peccadilloes. The country’s lawmakers, under the guise of public service go full cylinders in plundering the treasury. Janet Napoles is the center wheel of mechanized looting.

Mavericks of all kinds under cover of businessmen pollute Philippine hospitality. They go for the perfect storm of fraud and deceit including kidnapping and killing their own countrymen. It’s “more fun” for the Kenyan criminals or Bulgarian coyotes and masters of bank ATM scheming devices, the Taiwanese pyramid operators, and the German and American porno-pedophile s in the underworld.

When the history of the Noynoy and Digong presidencies shall have been written former San Fernando City Mayor and ex-Congressman Oscar S. Rodriguez shall remain an important figure. Congressman Oca made a supreme sacrifice by shifting alliance to Noynoy thus losing his friendship with PGMA. Oca wanted a third Pampango president. He was on the right side of history by supporting the candidacy of an unwilling candidate. The Aquino family owes a great deal for his act of gallantry and romanticism by the strongly repeat candidate on demand

Like the loyal knight of old, Mayor Edpam is a precious asset to President Duterte’s roundtable. The President has seen and is convinced of his leadership traits, his constancy and trustworthiness. If Edpam is elected representative, “Palace bigwigs seem to favor him for a major post in the President’s legislative agenda,” according to Jay Pelayo IV, communications specialist and radio-TV broadcaster. Jay is ready and willing to run for city councilor.

DOTR Secretary Arthur Tugade is proud of his legacy performance as CDC president and CEO. His people gave him full support and cooperation to achieve priority goals. His partnership with CIAC OIC President Alexander Cauguiran, with air travel as an attractive come on for investor-locators It’s More Fun In the Philippines

I think the Noynoy presidency beats the Duterte administration in sloganeering with “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”.