Pangan: Brewing threat

Benjie R. Pangan

ROGUE nation North Korea poses a real threat to the civilized world by its missile launching and its propensity to develop intercontinental missiles which can reach western part of the United States and parts of Europe.

Defiant of any United Nations rules and sanctions, its equally defiant leader, Kim Jong-un wants to stay unconventional against all ministrations of countries friendly or allied to the US. Only China can hold sway over this rogue nation and so it is imperative that this second most powerful nation today must keep on leash North Korea.

Though its population is starving as compared to its brothers in the prosperous South Korea, North Korea keeps its military fat and contented and intends to maintain its superiority in its military force.

It is a rule of thumb that no amount of appeasement or cajoling can convince rogue nations like North Korea to adhere to universally-accepted and practice norms of conduct for civilized nations.

And now, North Korea poses a serious threat to the Korean peninsula and later to the world. Its nuclear posturing cannot be ignored.

No amount of diplomacy can dissuade North Korea from acting villainous vis-a-vis other nations.


President Duterte has proved to be very resourceful in his foreign visits. He has gathered funding and pledges for massive investments from his recent trips to the Middle East countries Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. He has generated not only huge dollar trade and business investments but also job opportunities for our countrymen. Good news indeed.


Mabalacat City has embarked on daily and regular meetings and visitations on its 27 barangays through its Mabalacat City Anti Drug Abuse Council (Macadac) and Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Councils or Badac.

The city is now relatively peaceful and drug-free, thanks to the strenuous efforts of its key officials led by Mayor Marino "Boking" Morales, City Vice-Mayor Christian C. Halili, members of the Sangguniang
Panlungsod and all the barangay officials.

The efforts expended by the city officials are relentless in conformity with the President's orders.