Mercado: Same same, Shame!

Ram Mercado

"Semi-semi" is a Kapampangan street lingo that denotes abnormal behavior, usually of a humorous kind, in a person.

Thus when someone goes out to water the plants in the garden when it is raining, he become an object of ridicule. He is considered "semi-semi" when he explains his action by the use of an umbrella. "Makapayong naku man kabang mandilig ku," he quips.

The local politiko who grabs a child in a crowd and kisses the unwilling bambino displays a semi-semi conduct as he is not known to be fond of children in his own home.

Semi-semi characters surface during the campaign season as evidenced by their campaign posters. They use battle slogans which are not believable and credible. The semi-semis think they can fool the public with their fantastic claims.

My barber is confused in his choice of city vice mayor. Atty. Will Rivera dubs himself as "Abogado ng Maralita" while his rival Atty. Pogs Suller claims he is "Abogado ng Masa." Sen. Lito Lapid is "Bida ng Masa" while Vice Mayor Vicky Vega Cabigting pledges "serbisyong walang buladas" which city Administrator Atty. Dennis P. does not think as funny. Poraquenos believe their mayor is a sort of semi-semi because he refuses to debate or publicly discuss embarrassing town issues with his rival Michael Tapang who advocates accountability and transparency in public office.

Same Sex

Same sex affairs have been as old as biblical times. The practitioners claim equality as a human right. All are created equal, with similar attributes for enjoyment regardless of gender.

Bible-preaching Manny Pacquiao does not believe in same sex rights and is paying with his pound of flesh for his belief. The LGBTs protested Pacman's depiction of the act as "masaol pa sa ayup" recounted my barber.

It is not a sin to compare same sex partners to lovebirds, especially in Candaba where Jerry Pelayo's "ebun" becomes Rene Maglanque's "ibon." Si Jerry at Rene di pwedeng magkatabi. Ayup talaga!


The present crop of elective leaders is no different from past politicians.

Since I can remember the candidates harped on graft and corruption. Each election time, the aspirants vowed to reduce unemployment, increase jobs, fight poverty, and improve the quality of life for all.

The result is nothing has changed except the amount absconded by lawmakers, and the increasing shenanigans by local government officials. Has life changed in these years of rigodon of public officials? The answer -- Same same.


The recent Asean Conference held in the country has neglected to include in the agenda the unresolved Canadian toxic waste dumped in the country. Shame.

The Chinese occupation of our territories continues. We are helpless against this violation of our sovereignty. Shame.

A North Korean vessel is docked in Subic Bay. We are clueless on what to do about the matter. Shame.


The PNP can generate public trust and confidence in the organization simply by its honesty and transparency in the matter of disclosing apprehended violators of the election gun ban law.

If the police are fast and curious in informing the media of the names of apprehended suspects, and slain victims in a firefight, it should release the names of the gun ban violators and those arrested for possession of illegal firearms and ammunition is it because most of those apprehended belong to the police and military organizations?

In all these years, we have yet to hear or read of a single conviction of one or more violators. Suspicious minds speculate not only in the judicial lapses on these crimes but also on the business side (aregluhan) of the problem. Here's your biggest opportunity to set a magnificent precedent in the regional police office, Chief Supt. Rudy Lacadin. Your predecessors have been found wanting in this aspect, you could be one of a kind, sir.

Same same?