Dela Rosa on Muslim ID system: ‘No human rights will be violated’

Princess Clea Arcellaz

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Philippine National Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa asserted on Thursday that “no human rights will be violated” if the proposed identification (ID) system for Muslims will push through in Central Luzon to help stop terrorism.

Contrary to claims of the public, Dela Rosa said that the ID system was not meant to discriminate any ethnic race or group of people but to help combat terrorism and other lawless acts in communities.

“We should see it from a positive angle. We just want to secure communities against terrorism. I hope the critics change their point-of-view because the Muslims themselves are okay with it,” he said.

Dela Rosa added that if the proposed measure will be approved, it will help in preventing infiltration among Muslim communities amid the terrorism acts of the Maute group which claims to Muslims.

He stressed Muslim groups in Paniqui, Tarlac, where an ID system is already implemented, were the ones who initiated the measure for their proper identification to avoid being tagged to any terrorist groups.

“Some Muslim members are already angry at what the Maute group and other Islamic State-inspired groups have done. The Muslims don’t want to be infiltrated by these groups,” Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa expressed his support for the program in the hope that it will help stop local and foreign terrorists from creeping into communities and turning these into strongholds just like what happened in Marawi City.