Celebrating heritage through art

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The City Government of San Fernando on Saturday highlighted National Heritage Month through a whole day celebration of local art, kalesa heritage tours and Kapampangan food products at the historic San Fernando Train Station in Sto. Niño village.

Dubbed “American Pikinisan at Kalalangan Kapampangan,” the celebration, which is part of the month-long Pyestang Fernandino activities, showcased the works of Paul Del Mundo and members of Guhit Pinas led by physically-challenged Erwin Dayrit.

The works in the exhibit featured paintings, photographs and mixed-form art put together from scrap materials, mostly collected from “American junk,” but presented by the artists in visually striking and attractive styles.

Said Senior City Tourism Officer Ching Pangilinan: “We decided to put this exhibit together with the American Pikinisan in mind because the materials the artists used were collections from the past, majority when the Americans were still at Clark Air Base. Interestingly, they blended well with the mastery of Fernandino and Kapampangan artisans.”

Vice-Mayor Jimmy Lazatin, for his part, stressed that highlighting the past and preserving heritage is very important. “It is only through this kind of celebration that we not only remember the past but correct whatever mistakes there have been during that time.”

Mayor Edwin Santiago added that the past is the bridge to the future, and that the city continues to take heritage and culture as a vital aspect of Fernandinos’ lives.

“We have always emphasized the importance of preserving heritage and culture. The past is our link to the future. It is important that the young and future generations of Fernandinos get a glimpse of this and understand its importance. It is our identity. Moreover, occasions like this show the synergy between different sectors who come together to recognize Fernandino talent and artistry,” he said. (JTD)