The only Marcos burial commentary I'm making

MEMBERS of the youth, collectively known today as “Millenials” have been criticized for being misbehaved, indifferent and grafted to gadgets. More so, often blamed for the return of the Marcoses into power and for not knowing their history proved themselves capable of the rage and passion as many went against the surprise burial of ousted late President Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Heroes’ cemetery.

I, like many were not even born during the height of anti-Marcos rhetoric in the years immediately following the 1986 “people power revolution.” Thus, I promised myself not join the ongoing “social war” as much as I could.

All this time, I have not posted nor shared even a single opinion about one of the country's most sensitive issue, not because I don't give a crap but because I see and believe in the truth both sides are fighting for.

However, there was a call out to all “millenials” to step in and not content ourselves with social media rants. This I cannot resist. For as they say, as long as civil liberties and human rights are being threatened or being trampled upon, the idealistic youth must lend its intellect, its talent and time in order to achieve social progress.

So okay, here's my (only) take.

A simply rule of thumb that applies to everyone is that when a man is gone, human decency dictates that he or she be recollected for the good he did, and not for his mistakes. Certainly, nobody wants to be forever condemned to obscurity because of his frailness. If that's rule is good for us all, it must be good for Ferdinand E. Marcos.

I would not blame him for every single act of abuse of his subordinates as I know that some of his henchmen are still walking freely today.

One thing however is that we can't have single version of history to be exclusively institutionalized as historical dogma. Because there is a version of those who oppose Marcos and there is another of the story that maintains his best lights, as the law, the system at the time permitted.

To some he was a great leader while to some he was a dictator, thief, plunderer, soldier and what not. But truth of the matter is he is dead. What else can we ask of a dead man? He and is family already suffered the shame and hate of this nation as thousands already go through the deepest wounds of lost and painful memories.

The current President's “gutful” call to move on is a very good way to start the healing, however, thousands strongly opposed, called him a lapdog and wanted the late Marcos' grave to be dug out.

If that's the case, my question is what is exactly this nation needs to finally move on? Justice, of course. But as a certain priest puts it better, but by what logic? By what ethical norm? By philosophical principle? By what equitable standards?

If not buried in the Libangan Ng Mga Bayani, will we finally forgive and be ready to move on? Tayo na rin ang pilit na nagsasabi, walang forever!

Until here friends. Stay 'Active' until our next chat. Be InSparked!

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