San Simon pays tribute to teachers

Princess Clea Arcellaz

SAN SIMON - A day of honor, gratefulness, recognition and salutation.

This was how the local government here celebrated this year's World Teachers' Day together with almost 300 educators and formators from all private and public schools in San Simon town.

With a theme "My Teacher is My Hero," the teachers were given due tribute for continuously honing the youth and enriching the community through their profession.

During the celebration, different song and dance numbers were presented for the enjoyment of the teachers. They were also offered flowers and grocery packages.

"The roses signify the beauty of their profession and grocery packages that will nurture their families just like how they nurture their students," said Mayor Leonora Wong who led the celebration.

The celebration of the World Teachers's Day every October has become a commitment of Wong since she assumed her post as local chief executive.

She explained that the annual celebration is her way of showing appreciation and honoring the teachers being the fountainhead of perpetual knowledge.

"We are all fruits of the labors of our teachers. There will never be a mayor or any other local officials and professionals like doctors or lawyers without our teachers and it is due that we offer a day of every year to thank them," he said.

Former three-term mayor Rodrigo "Digos" Canlas also recognized the integral role of teachers in raising a humane and progressive community.

He noted the sacrifices of the educators in spending decades of their lives in nurturing the youth by imparting knowledge, wisdom and ethics.

"Teachers are heroes. As simple as it may sound, they play a vital role in sustaining a community of literate and professionals. An endless gratitude for our teachers," he stressed.

Department of Education San Simon District Supervisor Violeta Lagman, meanwhile, extended her gratitude in behalf of the whole San Simon teaching force for the time and effort shared by the local government to them.

"We have no words other thank you to Mayor Wong, Mayor Digos and all the government employees," she said.