Handmade by Nichelle Salvador: Pampanga’s premier custom cake creations

ONLY the strongest among us can resist the enticing aroma of a freshly-baked pastry. And, I bet you can never resist one that is from Handmade by Nichelle Salvador, a booming pre-order, homemade pastry business based in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Founded in 2015 by Pastry Chef Nichelle Salvador, the venture remains dedicated to unique and beautiful custom cake creations –from Princess-themed birthday cakes to delectable offerings for all seasons, as well as for personal consumption.

How it started

After almost 20 years in the corporate world, then 38-year old Nichelle found her hidden passion in cooking. While having a full-time job, she took a leap of faith and decided to take formal training at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM).
There, she graduated under several culinary courses including Fundamental of Culinary, Japanese Cuisine, Baking and Pastry Arts, and Flavors of Asia, among others.

After finishing all the courses offered by the school, she did not stop there, hence continued her quest for more knowledge and skills at another renowned international culinary school –the Emelita W. Galang Culinary Arts Studio in Angeles City, recognized as the first culinary school in North Luzon founded in 1980.

Nichelle shares that her teacher, the well-respected culinary genius Chef Emelita herself, was the one who inspired her to pursue her love for cooking and step forward to become a pastry chef.

“It was until then that I studied in Emelita W. Galang Culinary Arts Studio that I discovered my real inclination for pastry making. Mrs. Galang helped me realized that indeed, making pastries is one of the best thing a chef can focus on,” she said.

Nichelle added that pastry making gives her sense of fulfillment and true contentment, and that she considers it her calling.
“When I bake and craft cakes, my happiness is really at its peak. It gives me pure joy to see my creations and share it with my family, friends, and clients. It also helps me explore new ways and lets my creativity flow,” she noted.

Let them eat cake

One of Handmade by Nichelle Salvador’s best-selling creations include its mouthwatering, incredibly moist and light Dark Choco Cake –a true delight for all chocolate lovers.

Another favorite is the deliciously decadent Red Velvet Cake and divine Banoffee Cake, Nichelle’s special sweet treats that tastes as good as it looks.

For the health-conscious, the pastry venture also offers its guilt-free and beyond yummy Carrot Cakes and Oatmeal Cookies made from fresh and natural ingredients.

With Nichelle’s handcrafted confectionary excellence, sugar seekers now have a convenient and on-call dessert supply –and to say the least, it’s also affordable too, with prices ranging from P160-P350 only.

More than its quality and value for money baked goodies, Handmade by Nichelle Salvador’s cakes are also trending because of its elegant and handy cans (Imagine eating a cake, just the way you eat your pint of ice cream. Cool, right?).

Nichelle speaks

With the success and feats Nichelle is experiencing now, the pastry chef remains humble and thankful for the continuous breakthroughs.
She shared that she now believes that life truly begins at 40, because this is the phase of her life where she has seen better days and brighter future.

“I am very much thankful for everything that is happening in my life now. I am so lucky to have a home-based business where I can pursue my passion, personally take care of my family, and of course, help with the expenses,” she quipped.

The pastry chef added that more than these, the business also gives her the chance to help others in her own little ways.

“With the multitude of blessings I’ve been receiving the past two years since I started the business, I take pleasure in giving back. A part of my profit actually benefits scholars from Mary Help of Christians, a convent located in Palawan,” she shared.

To further grow the business, Nichelle disclosed that she will be offering more warm, comforting, and exquisitely crafted cake creations for her valued customers. She said that she is motivated to innovate and improve her pastry lines –adding more flavors and twists to her homemade, tasty confections.

Moreover, she noted that by next year, she will offer her service for special celebrations and gatherings, through her dessert buffet, as well as Sushi and Juice bar.

Handmade by Nichelle Salvador is located at 354 Mars St. San Fernando Subdivision, City of Fernando Pampanga. It is also available for meet-ups and delivery. For more information, call 0917-511-0189/045-961-5178 or visit Nichelle Salvador’s Facebook page: Nichelle Cayanan Salvador.-(Erika Mariel Gines)