NHCP chair is now Edsa People Power Commission head

Ruth Abbey Gita

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has designated National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Chairperson Rene Escalante to head the Edsa People Power Commission.

Duterte gave the latest directive through Executive Order (EO) 47, which amends EO 82 signed in 1999.

EO 82, inked by then President and incumbent Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, formed Edsa People Power Commission that is composed of 25 members, 13 of which serve for six years, while the 12 others serve for three years.

The commission, under EO 82, is chaired by a Cabinet member and co-chaired by a private sector representative who are both appointed by the President.

The amended EO signed by Duterte trimmed down the number of members of the Edsa People Power Commission to five.

Apart from Escalante, who was tasked to be the commission's ex-officio chairman, Duterte would appoint four private sector representatives as members of the commission for a period of three years.

One of the members would be picked as vice chairman of the commission.

"There is a need to further amend EO 82 to ensure an effective Integration of the functions of the Edsa People Power Commission and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines," Duterte said in his explanation in EO 47.

Duterte was confident that Escalante is the most qualified person to chair the Edsa People Power Commission since the NHCP is mandated to implement historical education activities to promote the Philippine history.

The commission was tasked to initiate activities that will expand awareness about Edsa People Power Revolution; plan and implement the annual commemoration of the 1986 Edsa Revolution every February 25; and submit regular reports to the President.

Filipinos commemorate yearly the Edsa People Power Revolution, which led to the ouster of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The President likewise added a new section, which directed the NHCP to assume the management of the People Power Monument and ensure its continued maintenance and upkeep.

The funding necessary for the implementation of EO 47 will be taken from the current appropriation of the NHCP. Subsequent funding requirements will be incorporated in the annual national budget.

EO 47 was signed by Duterte and Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea on November 24. (SunStar Philippines)