Solenn Heussaff on staying true to oneself

Glaiza Jarloc

FOR someone who appears daily on television and very active on social media, it's a normal occurrence for someone like Solenn Heussaff to be bombarded with tweets, likes and comments online.

But unlike other television personalities who received hate messages or bashing every day, the 32-year-old seemed to be liked by almost everyone.

She has 7.2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, liked by 600,000 thousand people on Facebook, and has recently launched her own YouTube channel and website

Netizens have also grown fondness on her two-year marriage to businessman Nico Bolzico.

Heussaff, in an interview during the press launch of her newest primetime series on GMA-7 entitled "Alyas Robin Hood" opposite Dingdong Dantes, said there's no secret really. She just stays true to herself.

"Totoo ako sa social media ko. I don't have a curated feed, hindi pro yung camera ko and laging sa phone lang yung pictures ko. You have to be real kasi there's so many fake news and fake articles and mga ginagawa na video on YouTube na pagod na ang tao. They want to see something real," the actress said.

Heussaff, among her close circle in show business, appears to be the most relatable one.

Netizens would sometimes compare her to other close friends in show business who were involved in certain controversies.

Heussaff shared that as friends, they don't talk about the issues or negative things thrown at them. She doesn't even want to talk about the recent social media posts of close friends Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson, which earned the ire of some netizens.

"I don't want to talk about it because I know it's her issue and alam namin na marami ding trolls sa internet kaya nagiging malaki yung issue or lumalaki than it should be. When the wind passes, tapos na yan. Ganun talaga ang social media nowadays, maraming negative. So, you just have to let it be."

Heussaff prefers to mind her own business and to just be truthful to her audience.

"For me, you just have to be true to yourself and people will like you. Or they won't like you but at least they won't bash you because you're not faking it."

As to the "It Girl" tag, the actress said she really doesn't understand what those words meant, but she tries to look at it on a bright side.

"If I had to define "It," for me, sana you can balance your personal life and career, to stay true to yourself and be able to do all the things that you want to do. And most especially, to treat everyone as your equal," she said. (SunStar Philippines)