Y-Speak: Men under the post light

THE bell rang. It’s the mark that another day has ended. Hallways became noisy because of the rants of students regarding their quiz’s scores; laughter because of doing nothing and just sleeping in the last subject; conversations about which coffee shop do they spend their whole night for studying; or which liquor bar do they visit in order to have fun and kill time.

The sound of the bell was a sign for all the students and people in the school to finally go home and rest from their exhausting day.

As I went home to my dorm, which is only a short walk from school, orange rays directly struck my eyes coming from the headlights of vehicles. On the other hand, I’ve seen few people passing me by, law students who really look knackered talking about some civil or criminal law subjects or cases, children begging for some coins or food from me, lovers who were holding each other’s hands, and Indians who were carrying their laundry.

All these people may have different ways and different things to do, but there’s one thing they have in common, they all look tired. As I take few steps going to my dorm I saw a post light in the corner center of the road and under the ray of its light are the total opposite of those people who passed at me and whom I passed.

Because under the yellowish light from the post are people who never seem to look and stay fresh, people who still laugh and are optimistic despite of their exhausting day.

These people whom I am referring to are the people whom I always encounter or save my life from a heavy rain or from the painful rays of the sun. These men who were riding on their small vehicles with big umbrellas are the men I referring to. These men are commonly known as “sikad drivers”.

These people don’t wait for the bell to ring nor have any bell to tell them it's time to rest. If people like students go to school or adults go to their workplaces early in the morning, these men also wake up early for their work.

They wake up early just to look for passengers that they can fetch or bring to their destination; they won’t be home for lunch to do the same whether the weather is good or bad; and go home late or in dawn.

If people end their day by going to places where they can relax; relieve all their stress from a heavy day; or go to bed early to sleep, these men from early morning to dawn work hard because every pedal allows them to earn. Their earnings support their children’s studies, their family’s everyday needs, and allows the family to eat three times a day.

These men whom I saw early in the morning before I go to school and go home are great examples of people who really persevere and work hard in their job. Although their income is not that big, these men are great people because they chose to work for a living, no matter the amount, than to commit crimes where they can sometimes earn better.

These men whom I saw every night under the post light in the corner of the road reflect their big hearts and positivity in life as bright as the yellow rays of the post light that lightens their way against the darkness of the streets. The yellow rays that is bright as their smiles and outlook in life. These men under the post light are an inspiration for everyone. (Carmela Anne L. Salon/AdDU intern)