Y-Speak: What makes Davao, Davao?

“DAVAO life is here”, this is the slogan of Davao City, which has gained recognition as being one of the safest cities in the world.

For many years, people have been seeing the improvements of Davao City in terms of its resources, culture, modernization, tradition, and practices, especially the laws that are well implemented in the city and its people’s eagerness to aim what’s best for the city.

However, there are people in other places who questions what makes Davao one of the best cities in the world. Is there a secret recipe to Davao’s success?

Davao is among the major cities of Mindanao and is known to have the largest land area for a city in the country. Davao is also known for the laws it has implemented throughout the years.

According to Hadji Balajadia, the Center of Psychological Extension Research and Services’ assistant director for External Affairs, Davao is an interplay of laws and the people who understand these laws.

With this, Balajadia highlighted how the laws contribute much to the common good of the city. He also said that there are people who understand that the laws are contributing to the common good.

Liquor ban, no smoking, and speed limit are some of the laws that are implemented in the city with people embracing them without hesitation.

Former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte implemented the speed limit law in a bid to reduce the accident rate in public highways.

In addition, he tightened the security in the city by providing more traffic enforcers in public highways and secured 360-degree high-definition CCTV cameras.

According to Noreen Ly Paler, an economist and bank officer, the city has the ability to achieve a strong and fast economic growth. This is evident with the entry of investors in recent years.

It can also be observed that Davao City also upholds and preserves the different cultures thriving here. Despite the city's rapid modernization, a certain respect and equality is given to the tribes and different cultures here.

So what makes a Dabawenyo? Being a Dabawenyo chooses no race, color, gender, or age. It is measured by how well we are involved in the society like how we embrace the laws of our local government unit. (Ramil C. Salon Jr., AdDU intern)