Editorial: A pageant showcasing culture

THE world sees a lot of pageants but only a few places including this city hosts one that showcases not only beauty but the original settler's rich culture as well.

Hiyas ng Kadayawan is on again, it's one of the highlights of the annual festival of the city, dubbed as the King of all Festivals. The festival often takes a month to be commemorated as several events are lined up by the city government to give honor to the 11 tribes who were the first to nurture and witness this city grow to what it has become today.

The pageant introduces the lady representatives from each of the 11 tribes. The way they were chosen is not the same. Some underwent a qualifying pageant among the girls from the same tribe, while others were selected by their deputy mayors. A few of them though, like Bagobo-Tagabawa representative, Jenfin Puroc Aguan, admitted she was the one who approached their chieftain.

"Pirminte ko makadungog ug pagdaug-daog,kantyaw gikan sa uban kanang mga classmate nako sa college, sundugon amoang tono sa pag-istorya kay kataw-anan daw. Mao nang gusto ko nga ako ang muapil ani para ma-represent amoang tribo nga ingon ani gyud mi unya walay dapat ikaulaw kay mao man ni amoang kinaiyahan. Pasabton lang ang uban nga kinahanglan mag nirespetohay. (I always get mocked by my college classmates, they mimic the way we talk because they think it's funny and I could just stare at them. So, I took this chance to represent my tribe because I want to put an end to all the teasing. There should be none in the first place, and we really don't have anything to be ashamed of because this is just the way we are and we are proud to show it. We just need respect)," she said during a media forum at the Star Hotel in Marfori Heights on Thursday, August 10.

The other representatives were also eloquent during the mock question and answer forum, some of them even stating a quote from Dr. Jose Rizal, proving that they are well-read and obviously prepared to battle their wits out in this competition.

They came in their indigenous attire and they indeed, wore it with pride. The Ata, Matigsalug, Bagobo-Klata, Ovu-Manovo representatives were barefoot when they arrived while Klata, Kagan, Iranun representatives were splendid in all golds.

The event aims to make the audience realize that their lineage still exists, their system of living is still practiced even by the modern generation, and that it will still continue for the next years to come.

It will be another night of glory for all of them. The talent night is slated on August 15 at the Gaisano Mall in Bajada while the coronation night will take place in Usep Gymnasium on August 18.