LTFRB asked to hold taxi rate increase

DAVAO City Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang is eyeing to pass a resolution asking the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to hold the increase in taxi rates and explain why there was no public hearing on the adjustment.

"There was a huge increase in taxi fares in Davao City. I was made to understand that this is approved in Manila but we were surprised that there was no consultation made with our constituents in the city of Davao, because by the rules when it comes to the utilities like electric power, water, any increase should pass through consultation and public hearing," he said.

An inquiry made with the Davao City Council secretariat on Tuesday afternoon, April 17, however, showed that the motion of Dayanghirang was not passed because of lack of quorum.

Dayanghirang said there is a huge difference in the taxi rates, burdening those who are earning minimum wage.

"You can just imagine in one ride you are paying for P150 before, of the same distance you are now paying P250. So if your salary is P350, what is left is only P100. I think this should be looked into by the LTFRB. Because of this, the city council will pass a resolution opposing it for the mean time until we will be able to conduct public hearing and reason out why the increase," he said.

He said he already invited the members of LTFRB to appear next session to shed light on the issue.

For Dayanghirang, LTFRB has no moral right to increase the rates.

"They do not have moral right to do it, the fact there was no consultation done in the city… The economic situation in Manila and other cities is different from the city of Davao," he said.

He added that despite the fact that there is a recalibration of taxi meters, they will still push the inquiry on the rate increase.

"These are administrative matter for them, whether it is calibrated or not we maintain the rules that there should be consultation first," he said.