Ateneo de Davao mulls filing charges vs public official

THE Ateneo de Davao University (AdDu) intends to file charges against a public official who threatened one of its professors over a failed grade of his child.

In a strongly worded statement issued Thursday, March 22, Father Joel Tabora, AdDu university president, said the school will not be "intimidated" by "parental bullying based on public office or on one's legal profession."

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Ateneo de Davao Statement by Sun.Star Philippine news on Scribd

The statement stemmed after news came out that a parent threatened one of its University professor over a failed grade. The parent, a public official, allegedly used a gun.

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In the statement, Tabora said that contrary to the news (published in a different news site), "we categorically state that there was no gun immediately involved in this incident."

He said the University already checked its security footage and conducted interviews but confirmed that "no weapon was actually used to threaten any university personnel."

Tabora however decried that the incident was "reprehensible insofar as statements were made that were clearly intended to intimidate."

The AdDu statement said the parent accompanied by relatives and bodyguards brandished statements like, "We are a family of lawyers and killers!" and "We can take down this school".

Tabora said AdDu as a university "will take very seriously" these statements "as they threaten the safety and security of its personnel."

"All the more so when said parent is a public official who is expected to be an exemplar for the rest of society, and whose public office is not to be regarded as license to strong-arm teachers into doing what the public servant demands."

"Especially when said public official is also a member of the Philippine Bar where public displays of arrogant intimidation such as this one, rightfully deserve sanctions as they run contrary to their Lawyer’s Oath," the statement further reads.

Tabora said, the school and its affected personnel will be taking the necessary steps and coordinate with authorities "to ensure that complaints will be filed against said public official and lawyer."

Tabora said the university is "a safe zone" not only for its students, but also for its teachers, "who will be able to teach and give grades free from intimidation and threats from parents or any related persons or personalities."

Tabora also categorically said that AdDu finds it unacceptable "parental bullying based on public office or one's legal profession".

It "has no place at AdDu nor in any school, public or private, in the Philippines." (Vanessa L. Almeda/SunStar Philippines)