Davao City embarking on e-payroll

TO EXPEDITE processing of payrolls of employees of the City Government of Davao, five city offices are collaborating for an “e-payroll” project, a paperless transaction and centralized recording of attendance of employees.

Davao city Human Resources and Management Office (HRMO) head Erwin Alparaque said that their office is partnering with the City Information and Technology Center, City Accountant’s Office, City Treasurer’s Office, City Budget Office for the e-payroll system that will not require daily time records and summary of monthly attendance.

“This will reduce the number of hours processing the papers,’ he said.

He said before the cause of the delay of the salary includes the non-completion of the daily time records of workers, which is the reason why some may be hindered of timely salary.

Alparaque said that through this system the attendance is centralized, the ID card used for attendance as well as the biometric will be the basis of the employees’ attendance and the data generated will be directed to a centralized database.

He said that this system will benefit those job order and contract of service workers who were deployed on the field since they will no longer need to fill daily time records.

He said that they aim to have this system within the year.

He said that they will need software for this but they are sure that this will be given budget within this year as it is one of the identified projects of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Alparaque added that the mayor does not want delays of salaries and wages of the employees, including job order and contract of service workers.

He said that the CITC will be the one to develop the system using the existing equipment so they will only need few additional equipment.

“The project will not be costly because we will utilize the existing equipment,” he said.