DILG: Village chiefs must elect new council rep

DEPARTMENT of Interior and Local Government (DILG)-Davao Regional Director Alex Roldan said barangay captains must elect another Liga ng Barangay representative following the suspension of the 2018 elections under Commission on Elections en banc decision.

“They will have to elect a new set of Liga ng Barangay Representative kay wala man sa atong law nga mag-continue sila (They will have to elect new set of Liga ng Barangay Officials because our law does not provide that they can continue (sitting at their post),” he said.

He said supposedly the term of the existing barangay officials ended two years ago but the representatives still continue to sit in the council.

“It’s still the barangay captains but their representation to the council yun ang questionable kay (is questionable because) unlike the past postponement, ex-officio will continue but in so far in this declaration, it’s not. We are questioned in congress why are we not implementing it, so our latest circular is for the Liga ng Barangay to elect again new set of officers,” he said.

Roldan said that he received the mentioned circular just this week.

He added that each Liga president has a term of three years.

He said that now it depends on the barangay officials who they will elect during the election.

Roldan encouraged barangay officials to elect their representative as soon as possible.