Kadayawan security plans still ongoing

THE Davao City Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) is in close coordination with other law enforcement agencies and government offices to ensure the safe celebration of the upcoming Kadayawan this August.

PSSCC head Benito de Leon said that there would be no difference in their security measures and protocols despite the implementation of martial law as they said that heightened security preparations will be imposed to shun threats of crimes and terrorism in the course of the festivity.

“Internally in Davao City, we have certain arrangement for the preparations for Kadayawan (and it is) on going,” he said.

At present, they are coordinating with the organizers of Kadayawan to determine the schedules of the events and create specific plans on the deployment of security officers to man the events that will surely gather a huge number of crowds.

“Dini-determine pa natin (We are still determining the) specific activities para ma-adjust natin yong paglatag ng (so that we can adjust the) security between by the PNP (Philippine National Police) and Task Force Davao,” he said.

He likewise assured that they will have a maximum deployment of their emergency response team to immediately react to incidents and possible eventualities.

“Lahat ng (All) 911 personnel will be available for the duration of Kadayawan but of course, keeping in mind also that the larger communities will also be served by 911,” he said. (JCR)