Romantic getaway in Seoul

Jenny Molbog-Mendoza

A LOT of friends have been asking me for romantic places to visit in Seoul. One of my recommendations would be the Namsan Seoul Tower, where you can also find the Heart Lock.

Whenever some people would ask me about my thoughts on whether Korea has a more romantic atmosphere than Japan or not,I must say “yes.”

The moment I stepped into the land of the oppas, I could already feel the romantic vibe. The cold weather and the sweet gestures of Korean couples around plus the autumn foliage on the ground, they all remind me of the well-loved telenovelas of Pinoy K-pop fans.

When you are visiting Seoul during the autumn season, Nami Island is the perfect place to be. The red, orange and yellow leaves of the trees surrounding the area alone already creates an extra romantic vibe. In fact, Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis and husband Erwan Heusaff were among the famous Filipino celebrities who toured the island last November.

But, what if it is not yet autumn when you visit Seoul? Well, I still one perfect spot for you: the Namsan Seoul Tower!

Located at 105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, the tower stands at around 480 meters above sea level. The structure itself has a height of 236.7 meters.

When on top, you can see the entire cityscape. It is also better to go up at night because it adds up to the romantic feel of the view. The city lights, when viewed from above, look like shooting stars, too!

Heart Lock

While it is surely sweet and romantic to climb up the tower or ride a cable car to reach its top, instead of using the elevator, you and your beau or ladylove can also make a promise of forever by going to the Heart Lock area.

It is just like the Love Lock of Paris or the Pinoy version in Baclaran where lovers declare their deep feelings for each other by hanging a locked padlock on a fence.

Romantic walk to the top

Since me and my friends were afraid to get lost again when we ride a cab or bus, we just walked our way to Namsan Seoul Tower from Marriott Hotel in Namdaemun. It was night time, so the cold breeze made the experience comfortable despite the fact that the destination was so steep.

If you are in for a long walk (as with our case, it took us over an hour to reach the place from our point of origin), it would be nice to do HHWW (holding hands while walking).

Actually, there is still so much to enjoy within the Namsan Seoul Tower compound. It was too bad, though, that we went there when they were about to close already. Therefore, always visit the place with enough time to roam around and experience everything it offers!

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