4 ways to not enjoy your Davao City experience

IT'S Kadayawan once again, and tourists flock to Davao City to experience how it feels to be one with the locals.

Enjoy the wide array of fun-filled activities during the King of Festivals in Mindanao as there are a hundred and one ways to relish your visit here. But do these four things and you'll end up (if not getting a citation ticket) inside the jail.

1. Smoke in public places

The national smoking ban is just a copy of the original Davao City ordinance enacted in the year 2002.

In this ordinance it is a no-no to smoke in "all accommodation and entertainment establishments, workplaces, enclosed public places, partially enclosed public places, public buildings, public outdoor spaces and all public conveyances, government-owned vehicles and other means of public transport within the territorial jurisdiction of Davao City."

2. Drink till the wee hours of the morning

If you want to drink till the wee hours of the morning in Davao City, buy your bottles of liquor during the day or before 1 a.m., and make sure you are of legal age to do so. Drink your intoxicating beverage inside your house or room and never make an unnecessary noise, or else, see you at the jail.

3. Cross the street whenever you like it

If there is one thing you don't want your name listed on, it's in the jay-walkers' list of the highway police. You don't want to work without pay, right? You'll have to do a community service for 4 hours if you're caught jay-walking.

4. Race with the car ahead of you

There's a speed limit in the city, for all you know. If you don't want to end up getting a citation and paying a fine, more so your vehicle impounded, then for Pete's sake, observe the speed limit!