Tie no weights to your ankle

BETRAYAL can happen to anybody, it occurs in a spouse, family member best friend or colleagues. Actually, betrayal usually is evident, not without a forewarning, but then the most chooses to remain trusting, until they witness the betrayal themselves.

Betrayal kills most of us from within. It shatters our happy memories from the betraying person. There is disbelief initially, especially if you have trusted the person much. And then it disrupts a person discernment on what is worthy and unworthy. The person dies in a second, and would wish not to see light again.

Hence, how in the word will you be able to move on after betrayal?

Begin with yourself. Forgive yourself for trusting too much and ignoring your doubts and instincts. Talk to your heart and plead your mind to cooperate. The heart will never mend, unless your mind thinks that the betrayal is not the end of your world, but the beginning to live a life with significant people who deserves you at your best and at your worst. Use your power to convince yourself that there is a better life without the person who betrayed you.

Communicate and trust yourself. Express how you feel to the right person, but be discreet. Remember that not all people shares your sentiment, others would celebrate of your sad experience. Do not take all trusted people’s opinions or suggestions on how to move on. What they think as applicable and best may not be fitted to your situation. Grieve but keep your mind, guided with your heart. Weigh all the alternatives to mend your devastated heart, work with one that makes you breathe, laugh and eat.

Appreciate your surroundings. Sometimes you failed to see how beautiful life is. You have given much of your time for work, like your deadlines is your intimate partner, or you focused much in your fiancée, without noticing others who cares a lot. And so when that entity betrays or deceives you, you feel that there is no anymore life. A lot of those who have experienced betrayals share that their lives were more comfortable and fulfilling after the betrayal. At last, they were able to feel how soft their pillows when sleeping.

Use yourself to brighten others’ lives. The joy when you see people happy because of your voluntary service is priceless. Try to join organizations or groups that serves unconditionally the needy people, those that are lost or homeless. Discern your interest of advocacies where you can share your resources. Money is not the only source of serving the community, your knowledge and skills can be a part of your service. Invest with people and live everyday of your life, touching people’s heart.

Those who betrayed you will truly wonder why you still keep the smile. They may have damaged your heart so deeply and even have taken away important matters in you, but your power to stand up and continue to become productive in other ways is also going to kill them in seconds. They will continue to be the obstacles of your dreams, which they have also dreamed. They may have replaced you with somebody they announced to be better than you. But, they will remain there pretending to be alright, when inside they are jealous of the way you live a life without them.

Continue to move on and tie no weights to your ankle!