Hassle-free travel with Zion's Peak

TRAVELLING can get really exhausting at the preparation stage alone, so if you want top of the line trip, the newly-opened Zion’s Peak International House of Travel Inc. is best for you.

The travel and tours company has officially launched its new branch last July 28 at the heart of Davao City, aiming to answer the call of the growing demand of the public for travel and serve as a gateway for their clients to land in their dream destinations.

Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors as more and more people are getting interested to explore other places and culture thus, the opening of the new addition to the company’s branches is but apt to help wanderer have inclusive access to business and leisure.

According to CEO and President Maria Zion Baluran, the company has been in the travel and tours industry for 18 years now and continues to provide its clients expert solutions for all their travel needs.

The Zion’s Peak International House of Travel Inc. is dedicated to providing and servicing customers to a wide array of travel experiences and varieties.

The company is owned and managed by three executives namely its President Baluran, Vice President for Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary Lawyer Armi Jane Borje and VP for Finance and Treasurer Rosita Chiong Lao “whose journey in life is uniquely crafted purpose and meaning shaped by moments of inspiration, perseverance, courage and faith in the Lord Almighty.”

“We are Christians, this company is owned by Christians, we belong to a Christian community and we chose a name that connotes us being a Christian. So Zion, Mt. Zion is a mountain of God and it has its peak so that where we got the name,” Baluran shared in an interview.

Baluran added that they are targeting to expand and establish another branch in Cebu in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the soft opening was graced by Cabinet Secretary Leoncio "Jun" Evasco, Jr., lawyer Leah Librado-Yap, lawyer Angela Librado-Trinidad and Honorable Conrado Baluran).

Evasco congratulated the people behind the successful opening of their first store here in the city and pinning his hope for it future endeavors. He also emphasized that vast potentials are approaching for the city and air connectivity has widen, therefore, the position of the travel agency has a promising future ahead.

“I think this is a move in the right direction considering that Davao is the new capital of the Philippines.

Zion’s Peak offer services like airline ticketing both domestic and international, corporate travel management, meeting and planning special events, corporate incentives travels, cruise packages, educational tours, company outings, pilgrimage and retreats, travel insurances and transport services.

They are affiliated to all airlines flying in and out in the Philippines. They also help facilitate the processing of visa/immigration assistances/Chinese Visa, passport assistance, red-ribboning, NSO and DSWD certificate/ travel documents and international and domestic tour packages.

For inquiries email: zionspeaktravel@gmail.com, contact at 233-0756, Globe 09777639760, sun 09424590903 or visit at their office at Dr. 1 Davao Wisdom Academy Bldg. Torres Street, Davao City.