If you want quiet

Stella A. Estremera

IF YOU'RE tired of the mainstream and would just want to enjoy a quiet meal of familiar food, then you can explore Palma Gil Street in Obrero and look for Audi's Kitchen at the ground floor of Obrero Suites.

Palma Gil is the street where the Central Convenience Store is in Bajada.

Go in and just keep on driving until you find Obrero Suites to your right. There's not much landmark as it's already in the residential area.

Obrero Suites is the landmark, a four-story building that looms among the houses. The waiter said their most-ordered offering is the bulalo, and so we got that. We got the half fried chicken as well.

Since it was just Jade and I, we couldn't order much. The bulalo can use another hour or two of boiling, their effort to slice the meat into cubes is well-appreciated (although it's no longer the bulalo that excites the wild side in us), but the taste is good, the serving is enough for two to three, and they use sweet corn.

I like the friend chicken, it was "pinakaging" (deep fried to a crisp) and was served with banana ketchup. It's a Davao thing. There is some attachment to fried chicken and banana ketchup.

I wouldn't mind if they serve tomato ketchup, but if you're from Davao and born before the millennials were even conceived of, then you'd know that Davao feel about fried chicken and banana ketchup. For the price, for the quiet, the food was okay.