Creative Confidence

I WOULD like to share Tom and David Kelly’s insights that can surely help change the mindset of people and help them unlock their hidden abilities. They have three brief reminders to help people build their creative confidence and keep moving to success. By the way, the Kelley brothers are the motivating foundation of the leading design consultancies of digital icons and devices.

Creativity is a choice. Kelly brothers said that to be more creative is to decide to want it to make it happen. Decide to be memorable by focusing on creating what you think is right and do not be distracted on how it is going to be. Never compare yourself to others because it will lead to death of creativity. Yes, not everyone can create new things, but anyone can redevelop and upgrade existing ideas. Do not stop yourself to grow intellectually because others think you cannot. Take the courage to unfold your creativity like an artist. And remember that your worst opponent to creativity is doubt. Be confident!

Failure is the part of the creative process. The fear of failure can pull you down. The pains you will experience in failures are temporary, so keep moving on –because when you quit, its effects last forever. Kelly brothers said that people should not avoid failure, but instead seek failure and treat it as a learning opportunity. It is with creative failures that you can see what changes lead to positive and negative impacts. It is with failures in your journey that you would learn to get up and fix things creatively. Hence, accept that failures are inevitable; it is alright to fall as long as there is no loss of enthusiasm. Fear not trying!

Action always precedes great creative works. Kelley brothers believed that 100 percent of creative works, started with someone taking action. So, everything depends on what you do today. You may have great plans, but if you don’t decide to carry out what is planned and take the action, everything you have started will be insignificant. Do not dwell too much on perfectionism as it is a self-abused of the mind not to commit errors, which is impossible. People with creative confidence work with a heart that understand that they have the capability to correct themselves when they become wrong and believe that they can contribute a positive impact on others.

Indeed, there is vitality in creativity. It is a choice you are passionate about to happen, an inward urgency of change that lets go of uncertainties. It is to defeat irrelevant voices that stop you to reveal your creative ideas and hidden abilities. While failure is not the end of the road, remember that a single defeat is not your final loss. Try to find an advantage in every failure. Learn its lessons because it makes you more confidently creative. It is an opportunity to make you wiser, again and again. But being wise is not enough. There is always no shortcut in aiming for positive change. Take humble actions in everything, put your soul into it and do it now…. That’s creative confidence!