Experiencing Jalan food

Stella A. Estremera

ACTUALLY, the name is Jalan Loklok, Jalan meaning street and loklok being a Malaysian street food of skewered everything and anything. In this case all kinds of balls.

I got the salmon rolls and the sea urchin balls; I paired my loklok with Seafood curry while Yas got the stir fried egg noodles with egg. I would have wanted the bokchoy in oyster sauce, but it was out of stock. Chingkay opted to have the seafood curry as well to go with her loklok.

My choice of sea urchin loklok was a hit. Yas, the one who has been frequenting the place, admitted it was his first time to try it, and loved it. This yellow and white ball is my favorite in my favorite shabu-shabu place, and was thus elated when it was among the choices. The others were okay, but I love the sea urchin best.

The seafood curry was spicy but not hot enough for me. Maybe next time I'd request them to make it hotter.

Jalan Loklok along Sobrecarey Street where there has sprouted a row of very small Asian-inspired, Asian-fusion, and Asian restaurants has regulars who cannot resist the simple Malaysian fare it offers; the kind you'd see being offered in what would pass off as turo-turo in Malaysia.

It's roadside, it's open air. That means if you're looking for class, then this is not the place for you. As the name says, it's Jalan, a roadside, the streetside loklok place.

It will take quite a ig tummy, however, to be able to taste everything as those balls are surprisingly very filling.

I'm definitely going back for the bokchoy and I'd love to try their Char Kway Teow to check if it's hot enough.

The nasi lemak with sembal looked appetizing as well. I need to try that too when I return.

I just need to gather a group so we can try more.

Three in a group just can't order the number of food I wanted to taste. Next time. Soon.

Where is it? It's across DimYum, Espetada, and Taishozan and is beside Jumac. It's easy to spot.