The Pixel 2 and its Bud

Roark L. Masbad

THE Pixel 2 is Google’s next generation phone and from what I saw during their event last October 4, it was one heck of a phone. It looks bland, yes, but what got me wide-eyed was the integration of clever AI through Google Assistant and a few other features that take advantage of Google’s expertise on AI and machine learning.

Take, for example, Google Lens. Basically, you point the Pixel’s camera to, say, an event poster which contains a phone number and an email address. Google Lens will recognize those bits of information and will automatically store them for you. Instead of taking photos of those poster (like you always do these days), Google Lens will save them and allows you to skip the photo taking part. Check out this article from Tom’s Guide for more features from Pixel 2.

Google also announced another product - the Pixel Buds. And the power it has when paired with the Pixel 2 is quite something as well. And the most interesting for me is real time translation. Watch the video below for that demo.

Sure, it may not be as accurate as when you actually do know how to speak a different language because, well, there are nuances when speaking or conversing with another person. That’s another topic altogether though. Anyway, back to the Pixel Buds. If you’re out traveling the world, you’d probably need to speak to a local person and with that both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel Buds will be a valuable duo as an ally. You can practically forget about those language books that we all used to carry around.

It’s easy to gloss over this announcement. You’d probably just look at it as another smartphone to compete against Samsung or Apple. But if you step back a bit and look at it from a bigger perspective, this is basically making AI, machine learning, big data and automation work together across devices to make things easier for you. I like how Google is doing this. It seems to me that they are really leaning on their expertise with AI and machine learning backed with the mountains of data that they have. And just like what this other article at Tom’s Guide said, it’s quite possible that Google will be right on top of everybody else with all their AI powered hardware.

Here’s that Google Event last October 4. Get yourself a box of donuts or a box of pizza before watching.