New way for AI

Roark L. Masbad

RESEARCHERS from Google and MIT have presented, through separate papers, steps how to make AI "see, hear and read in a holistic way" according to a report from Quartz. It's a matter of aligning the things that AI knows already from different sets of knowledge - sight, sound and text.

If this pans out, we can be seeing more robots that are capable of making a sense of the world around them. Perhaps, we'd come to the age where it's like in the films, Bicentennial Man and iRobot. Now, that would be a day to behold! Imagine us owning robots and having them to do all our house chores and more without getting tired or even a complaint. We can even have our public transportation vehicles operated by these robots and we'd probably never have an accident on the road. Read the report here.

On a lighter note, music streaming is gaining more ground of late. I've noticed more establishments are on Spotify for their music background needs. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, they're all on it. And Spotify has made it even more compelling to go Premium with them because of it relatively low price point.

But there are other options out there. Tom's Guide came up with a, well, guide. Check it out on their website.

Finally, anybody there plays Everwing on Facebook Messenger? Say hello!