Bringing international brand

AFTER Stockbridge, an international school for grade school, and the Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (IChef), a culinary and hospitality school, Joji Ilagan International Schools (JIIS) will launch in August an addition to the the list of international schools she established in Davao City, the Tourism, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship International Management School (THE-IMS) which is tailor-fit for aspiring entrepreneurs or business executives.

“The target really is (for the graduates) to occupy an executive position or to put up their own business. That’s very clear from the very beginning. If you want to be managers or you want to be entrepreneurs, you come here,” Joji Ilagan Bian, chair of JIB Group of Companies, said.

IMS boasts of its state-of-the-art facilities specifically designed to cater to learning needs of the business management, tourism, and even airplane crew program students. With their mock airline cabin room, students will receive hands-on training in what feels like an actual airplane.

According to Bian, her partnership with international partners is a way to raise the standards and the performance of the graduates of her schools, adding they have patterned their curriculum after that of the international schools they partnered with. As for THE-IMS, Bian said they had partnered with the London School of Business and Finance.

Because the diploma and curriculum of her international schools are designed after their international schools in various countries like United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, their graduates are automatically accredited in these countries should they plan to work or pursue further study there.

Bian also said she realized how different schools on tourism, business management, hotel, and restaurant management had mushroomed in Davao City and General Santos City. Some of these, she noted, are universities and colleges much bigger and older than her schools. However, Bian said her schools’ vision to aspire for innovation and specialization on what the target students really need and what they want to be in the long run are the primary edge of her international schools.

Not only will THE-IMS boast of the modern and unique facilities that they will be offering, Bian also made sure the gamut of the school’s faculty members is also competitive and are those who excel in the field that they will be teaching.

By August, Bian is very hopeful that her new school will be warmly received by new students who wish to become entrepreneurs and business executives in the future. She said she had long been a believer of the Davao market. With her previous business, she had seen how the Davao market is initially difficult to please but once their loyalty and trust had been captured, it will remain all throughout.

The new seven-storey THE-IMS building is located just beside the IChef building, fronting University of the Immaculate Concepcion on Bonifacio street.