Brighter future at Montessori-Davao

Nelson C. Bagaforo

THIRTEEN years later it was established in Metro Manila in 1986, Montessori De Manila finally set foot in Davao City in 1989, extending its academic expertise by establishing its first branch, Montessori De Manila-Davao, situated in the vibrant district of Bangkal, a stone’s throw away from the Ateneo de Davao campus.

Offering the complete primary program, MDM-Davao boasts of an alternative educational system where children acquire knowledge within a prepared environment conducive to learning and exploring, simultaneously.

Because of this, MDM-Manila eventually established its reputation as one, if not the best, authentic Montessori environment in the city of Davao.
Enrolment also increased each year after the school has been recognized in the community with its high standards and outstanding curriculum. Thus also makes the school as among the frontrunners among selected private schools in the National Achievement Test.

Montessori de Manila celebrated its 20th Founding Anniversary in the year 2006, with several milestones in its two decades' commitment and service to the community.

Highlighting these, Montessori proudly launched its new logo, whereas the original one reflected the traditional values of education and enlightenment in the modern world.

The new logo places additional emphasis on Montessori concepts:

1) the independent individual
2) didactic materials unique to Montessori schools
3) Montessori being first in global education

The year 2011 was Montessori De Manila's Silver Jubilee. As befitting a school which for the last 25 years excelled in the field of education, a big event was prepared, which included a student fair and a grand homecoming of its alumni who are now productive members of society -- accountants, bankers, chefs, dentists, doctors, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, interior designers, IT specialists, lawyers, nurses, physical therapists, pilots, speech pathologists and statisticians, in diverse careers and fields.

It was also the year that the Elementary Department of MDM-Davao was started, which also ushered the transfer of the small preschool to a much bigger site, housing the additional levels that were opened.

Montessori De Manila maintains a very high academic standard, a highly individualized form of instruction and a strictly limited number of students per class. Values formation is also an area that has long been the school's focus.

Montessori De Manila is headed by diploma holders from the Association Montessori Internationale from the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The Association Montessori Internationale was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929 in the Netherlands to maintain her life’s work and protect its original integrity and completeness.

It is the recognized international authority on Montessori education.