80 things you should know about Davao City

MORE than having the first Mindanaoan President, Davao City is also known as a home with plethora of natural resources, sweeping developments, and diverse culture that transformed the city as a livable city today.

What makes it more unique are the people with distinct characteristic and the vast of experiences it could that was tagged as a Davao brand which sets it apart from other city.

Thus, we made a survey on our Facebook page on Dabawenyos experiences that they have encountered over the past years that they can somehow say that it was what makes them Dabawenyo and their adventures (although few maybe common to others). Hundreds have responded and we only listed down 80 of it in connection with the 80th Araw ng Dabaw.

Here they are:

1. You are fond of eating durian especially during its harvest season in August or even not.

2. Dabawenyos often mixed Tagalog and Bisaya in one sentence and then make it sound like a “Conyo” (example: Huwag kang tumabok.)

3. You can’t go home yet from work or school if you haven’t passed by at Roxas Night Market to eat street food or make some “Ukay-ukay”.

4. While wandering at Roxas, you also happened to line up in a very long queue just to buy the most sought-after Mang Danny’s ice cream.

5. You are disciplined by simply following the city ordinance and other regulations.

6. When you know certain areas that has heavy traffic during rush hour (Bajada, Bangakerohan).

7. Vendors in Roxas Night Market allow you to compute what you have eaten.

8. If you've tried to avail massage in Roxas after a stressful work.

9 More often than not, you could not see fireworks and other firecrackers during yuletide season and when you see one outside the city, you will certainly be amazed.

10. When you were able to ride “uso-uso jeepney” with a unique model that is only found here that will give you a breathtaking experience and might take your soul away.

11. When you happen to visit People’s Park and Gap farm and strike a pose with its famous eagle and the huge carabao statue respectively.

12. Because of the traffic, you will experience to take a walk from Gaisano Mall to Acacia because most of the jeeps that passed by are usually full of passengers during evening.

13. If you only use hornpipe or commonly known as Torotot as alternative means of producing noise for New Year because of the Firecracker ban.

14. When there is only a slim chance that you will be duped by crooks after an all-nighter.

15. When you are confident to bring out your expensive phone or any gadgets inside the jeepney since nobody would dare to make a theft scene.

16. You’ll easily get annoyed when other people say bad things about the city.

17. Taxi drivers here are honest and you would not have to worry if you left your stuff inside the vehicle because they will return the things or money intact.

18. You are Dabawenyo if you happen to hear an expression that says "Ambak pa kaggmall” instead of “pag move on”.

19. If you have considered going to Samal as alternative place to spend summer or special occasions.

20. Here, it is strictly prohibited to wear swimsuit or any revealing clothes during beauty pageants such as Mutya ng Dabaw.

21. If you know where to buy Moromoro fish inside Bangkerohan.

22. When you already went to Vales and Kalayaan Beach in Toril.

23. When you were able to ride a carousel and saw the fountain at Victoria Plaza.

24. When you usually go to Uyanguren in search for cheaper goods and presents.

25. If you know the summer capital of the city -- Marilog District.

26. If you are aware that you have to end your alcohol session at 2 a.m. because of the liquor ban.

27. When you have been to Cuaco Beach because of their cheap rate and mass appeal.

28. If you know where was Calzada before.

29. If you know where to usher your friends from other place on where to buy souvenir items --- mostly from Aldevinco and Pasalubong center.

30. When you experience to eat the best Hito comes with different ways of cooking in Calinan.

31. If you’ve witness the dancing fountain in SM Lanang Premier.

32. When you’re happy of how the city is run by Dutertes.

33. If you’ve tried having zumba or jogging inside the People’s Park.

34. If you recognized Mang Kanor of MOR.

35. If you have already tasted free rice porridge or “Lugawni Mayor”.

36. If you drunk the famous sikwate in Bangkerohan.

37. If you’ve eaten bullcachong.

38. If you know Thavawenyos who sung “Kini si Roger”.

39. If you know the constant problem in Cabantian area (traffic and unfinished road).

40. You know Kublai Milan, Maan Chua, Joey Ayala and PopoyLandero -- famous artist and the pride of Davao City.

41. You could go on a late night walk at like 2 a.m. and don’t have to be scared of getting raped or killed.

42. With the strict implementation of traffic ordinance, you will feel hesitant in crossing the street for fear that there are traffic enforcers waiting for you at the end ready to issue a ticket.

43. You know where the location of a haunted house at Juna Subdivision.

44. You’ve eaten bulalo at the second floor of Bankerohan Market.

45. If you know that Davao City is abundant of Waling-waling flowers.

46. You know the place called “Buyayang”.

47. If you have tasted “Hupohupo” barbecue in Agdao.

48. You know where to find Times beach.

49. You would not take the city ordinances for granted.

50. You know where “Barrio Patay” is.

51. You’ve experienced getting lost in the middle of Obrero.

52. If you’ve been to Eden Park, Philippine Eagle.

53. You know where the residence of the President is.

54. When there are piles of garbage inside your bag because you’re not used to throwing it anywhere.

55. You know who the famous eagle named Pag-asa.

56. Since public smoking is a big no-no here, you refrain to do it and will look for a smoking area.

57. Davao City Police personnel are thoughtful to the extent of delivering themselves the Jollibee order because of an accident involving the delivery boy.

58. You know where tree of life is that serve as the remembrance of the tragedy of the 15 fatalities of Roxas Night Market blast.

59. In Davao, buko juice can be refilled.

60. Motorist has a slow pace because of the 30kph speed limit.

61. The only city in the Philippines that has 911 back then but it has now been adopted nationwide.

62. Dabaenyo’s are proficient in dancing “Budots” even the President perform it himself.

63. You’ve also been to The Peak at Gaisano Mall where you could see the spectacular view of the city especially at night.

64. In Davao, we don't say "Tinood?" But we say "Pagsure bah?"

65. In Davao, we don't say "Kuyawa uy!" Instead, we say "atchupauy!"

66. You know where are the areas that are flood prone (ehemMatina, ehemTalomo, ehemMaa).

67. People care for each other and open smile.

68. In Davao, we don't say, "Pasensya na po" Instead we say, "Di lang gud ta mangasuko".

69. The different tribes here are gaining much attention and considered as precious.

70. You know where to go to spend TGIF like Tores and Matina Town Square.

71. Only in Davao where there are a lot of spicy selections of balot sauce ex. Hot, Extra Hot, Super Hot, Ultra Hot Sauce!

72. You tried wandering around Magsaysay Park and took a picture with the late President Ramon Magsaysay.

73. Davao City is not typhoon-prone area.

74. Resilient with all the tragedy.

75. Dabawenyos are proud because of the President came is here.

76. You’ve watched Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa- a local program of then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

77. It is already the culture of Dabawenyos to give thanks for the abundant harvest during Kadayawan Festival.

78. We’re not only Durian capital but soon to be chocolate capital of the Philippines.

79. You know where Little Tokyo is.

80. When you know that life is here.