Barbs stars in Born Beautiful

THE Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 award-winning film Die Beautiful captured our hearts through the realistic feature of Trisha Echevarria, a transwoman who went through all odds just to wear a pageant crown. Now the cast is back maybe to sweep again this year's MMFF's recognitions through their sequel, Born Beautiful.

This time, Trisha's bestfriend, Barbs played by a straight man Christian Bables, who has been an on-screen favorite, will be introduced.

IdeaFirst Company already released their first trailer on July 13 showing Barbs on high heels and perfect make-up.

There's not much to get from the trailer though, maybe it's just an announcement of their comeback but it's good enough! If we're going to laugh or weep, we don't know yet but for sure the movie will be as good as the first one which depicted the life of an upper class boy who left his father and their wealth to be his own man, rather, woman.

The film, produced by IdeaFirst Company in partnership with Cignal Entertainment, Born Beautiful will be set after Trisha’s death. It will show how Barbs got her new job as a makeup artist in the funeral parlor responsible for her BFF’s fabulous wake.

The much-awaited series is confirmed to be directed by Jun Cruz Lana.