Going with the waves

THERE is no better business than a business defined specific to the needs and preferences of a particular market. This type of business is well-known for those in that circle and is made more known by words of mouth of the people who loved the products.

Sabay sa Alon is one of these businesses which is initially for those who are board sports enthusiasts. The selling of Sabay sa Alon merchandises such as caps, sando, and shirts started online in 2010. It drew more online shoppers and stayed in the virtual market for six years before they found a comfortable shop space in Laysa’s BBQ Grill compound along Bonifacio Street, Davao City.

According to one of the owners, Luigi Aranda, the designs of the merchandise print of their products are made by their artist friends. These types of friends are usually those they hang out with in the former Sales Tekanplor Bar and who they continue to hang out with in Laysa’s BBQ Grill after Sales Tekanplor Bar closed down. The group of friends is composed of musicians and artists. Aranda manages Sabay sa Alon with his business partner Jose Lagon III. The printing is done by Aranda, himself.

Most of the frequent buyers of Sabay sa Alon merchandises are middle aged people who are 30 years old and younger and especially those who love the sea. The name of the business, anyway, was derived from the entrepreneurs’ love of the sea and their own personalities – being one with the wave and going with the flow.
“One of the goals of Sabay sa Alon really is to support local musicians, to sponsor local events, or anything related to boardsports,” Aranda said.

Their love of boardsports had led Sabay sa Alon to sponsor different surfing events in the past.

When asked how the business is currently doing, Aranda said they are currently getting more orders in preparation for summer events. They are preparing about 100 to 150 pieces of shirts and sandos orders from Siargao.

As they only had their physical shop only last year, Aranda said they are still faced with minor challenges such as the printing equipment and manpower especially when there are bulk order requests. However, they are very optimistic that the good business will continue to flourish. (JPA)