Demand for Filipino teachers in China

FILIPINO workers, especially teachers, will be in-demand in China in the coming months, something President Rodrigo Duterte learned during his six-day visit at China.

“They are now offering new avenues for our teachers and workers. They lack craftsmen and engineers. So they are welcoming most especially English teachers. They are in need of a lot right now,” said Duterte during his arrival at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, dawn of Tuesday, May 16.

Duterte added that during their talks, President Xi Jinping had expressed that their full intention to comply with their commitments to the Philippines.

During Duterte’s visit at China, he made a three-day to Hong Kong from May 11 to 13. During the visit there, he met the members and representatives of around 355 Filipino community organizations. Most of these are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). As of March 2017, in Hong Kong alone, there around 16,000 residents and 193,000 household service workers. (JPA)