Davwell invites more spas to be members

DAVAO Wellness and Spa Association (Davwell) president urged spa and wellness owners in the city who are not yet members of their association to be registered as a means to help eradicate the “extra service” practice being done in some spas.

Currently, there are around 300 massage spas and establishments in Davao City, 33 of these are members of Davwell, reaching to around 70 member-branches.

According to Davwell president Cherry Faye Al-ag, it is important that the spa and wellness establishments in the city come together, not just to share notes and assistance to run each other’s business but to assure the security both of the clients and employees as well.

“We get trainings and seminars given by the government and even non-government organizations that intend to help out associations. Instead of them approaching one or two of these establishments, they come to the associations. So the members are able to avail,” said Al-ag who was a guest during the weekly media forum at Habi at Kape, Abreeza Ayala Malls last Wednesday, May 17.

She added they recently had a training seminar against sexual advancements on their field.

“Because our service is very intimate, one on one, our therapists had been prone to abuses because unfortunately, there had been people using massage as a means to a different end. So we would like to get this chance to advocate that massage is a good thing. It’s healthy and it’s now a good and very popular alternative to lifestyle activities even for families. So we hope no one adds some fooling around in massages, so no extra services in short. When you’re a Davwell member, you are assured that the massages are pure massage services only,” she said.

Al-ag added they are hoping that with the seminars, people would have lesser negative impressions on massage therapy and would completely eliminate the notion that massage therapists offer "extra service".

Aside from the security of the clients and the employees themselves, Al-ag said membership to Davwell will provide the members guidance from the wellness and spa owners who had come before them and who are already successful in their businesses.

“You immediately get help from your fellow spa owners. Help in terms of getting resources, suppliers, or some techniques on how to really run your businesses well. We even share notes on the latest trends in the industry. We also are able to join forces in our advocacy or lobbying towards certain improvement in government policies which affects our industry,” she said adding the recent advocacy they are highlighting is the strict requirement of only licensed massaged therapist to perform massage services.

“We have to be really aware that practice of massage is not simply pressing muscles. There’s a science and art to it. But when done incorrectly, can actually be detrimental and risky to the health of the clients,” Al-ag said. (JPA)