Market watch: Price of seafood drops

THE price of selected seafood products have dropped based on the price monitoring conducted by SunStar Davao at Bankerohan Public Market, Friday, April 21.

The price of tilapia decreased to P90 per kilogram (kg) from P110/kg; bangus to P130/kg from P150/kg; malasugue to P400/kg from P450/kg; tamban to P50/kg from P60/kg; moro-moro to P140/kg from P160/kg; and shrimp to P290/kg from P320/kg. The price of crabs remained stable at P950/kg.

Meanwhile, the prices of beef and chicken remained stable at P135 to P190 per kilogram. However, the price of pork increased to P260/kg from P185/kg.

Prices of onions and ginger also remained stable at P40/kg to P70kg while garlic is at P120/kg.

Other dry goods remain stable with eggs at P145 to P180 per tray and P4.50 to P6.50 per piece while dried fish (salmonete, tamban, goodbye head, and solid) is at P160/kg to P280/kg. (Shyryl Ali and Mariel Timkang, NDDU Interns)