Dry, wet goods prices in Davao City stable

DAVAO City’s commonly bought dry and wet goods prices remain stable based on the price monitoring conducted at Bankerohan Public Market on Tuesday, April 18.

Most of the fish products like Bangus, Barilison and Tamban retained its prices ranging from P150 to P160 per kilo. While Tilapia increased from P80 to P95 per kilo and Matambaka decreased from its price last week P220 to P160 per kilo.

Other seafood product like crabs increased from P650 to P850 per kilo while the shrimps retained its price ranging from P260 to P280 per kilo.

Meat products like chicken and beef had a P20 increased from its P140 price last week. Cost of chicken ranged from P140 to P160 per kilo.

However, prices of onions and ginger remained stable ranging from P40 to P70 per kilo while garlic had a P45 increase from its P120 price last week.

Other vegetable prices remained stable as well.

Price of avocado still ranging from P25 to P35 price per kilo, and mango and melon prices are from P50 to P100 per kilo.

Other fruits (apple, orange, bayabas, banana, pineapple and singkamas) remained stable as well which are priced at P18 – P30 per piece.

Some of the dry goods remained to its price like eggs ranging from P145 to P180 per tray and P4.50 - P6.50 per piece, while dried fish (Salmonete, Tamban, Goodbye head and Solid) ranging from P160 to P280 per kilo. (Shyryl Ali and Mariel Timkang, NDDU Interns)