Quijano: Floyd teases with UFC debut

Jingo Quijano

LAST week, Floyd Mayweather Jr., trolled fans with a possible appearance inside a cage when he tweeted a short video clip of himself entering a cage and uttering the following words: “2018. Floyd Money Mayweather Jr., MMA. What are the odds Patty, what are the odds? It’s clearly a dig at vanquished opponent Conor Mcgregor who had previously challenged him to fight inside a cage.

Naturally the fans gobbled it up with reactions varying from amusement to disdain. But the naïve were truly hopeful.

He followed this up the next few days by tweeting photoshopped pictures of himself inside the cage, the latest showing him apparently landing an elbow on a bloodied Mcgregor with the caption “Certified Killa vs. Certified Bitch.” Will he?

ZERO. To this Last Rounder, there’s no way Floyd will ever embark on an MMA career, not at age 41. Remember that he had already walked away from boxing only to be enticed into that exhibition match against McGregor because the payday was too good to pass up.

I for one am not convinced he will earn the same purse if he fought McGregor in a UFC sanctioned bout. Even assuming arguendo that he would, the risks to his health and of course, his reputation would just be too great.

Floyd is a fighter who has always been proud of his undefeated record and though an MMA fight would technically not sully his boxing record, still the real possibility of losing badly would be too much for his ego to take.

So don’t get your hopes up. My take on all this trolling is that he will probably start promoting MMA fights. That’s that.

UFC 221. Speaking of MMA, at UFC 221, Yoel Romero showed once again why speed kills in a stand-up exchange.

For the first two rounds, Luke Rockhold was holding his own. He was able to utilize his height advantage and managed to keep Romero at bay with his leg kicks.

But Romero was slowly breaking him down, studying his defenses and how he reacted everytime Romero attacked him which was usually a check right hook from Rockhold.

Rockhold’s boxing attacks consisted mostly of jabs and straights, most of which Romero was able to parry.

Then in the third round, in a sudden explosion of speed and power Romero rushed at Rockhold.

He landed a jab. Rockhold expectedly uncorked a check right hook but this time Romero beat him to it by landing a flush left straight that knocked Rockhold down.

He followed it up with a huge uppercut that had the ref calling for the denouement of the fight.

Remember that in his previous loss, Rockhold had also been knocked out by Michael Bisping. Clearly, Romero’s strategy coming into this fight was to outbox Rockhold.

So to all my MMA fighter friends out there, don’t forget to work on those boxing skills guys. Your stand-up game is just as important as the ground game.

LAST ROUND. It’s on a dear friend, Valerie Macapagal who recently celebrated her birthday. Cheers!