Tell it to SunStar: We need disciplined leaders

AS our population grow by 5-6 percent per year, we create our problem on trash and disposal of our untreated waste. Who is to blame? Our educational system doesn’t address one simple thing: discipline. Discipline starts at home where children are molded to become workers and leaders, but we fail to do it because maybe we are too busy or too lazy.

Children are not being educated on the proper way to act in public. Eventually, they in turn will raise their children the same way.

When you are in a public place, note if people have discipline. One perfect example is after a bus pulls out of a rest stop. You’ll see plastic and paper thrown out of the windows and nobody does any thing to correct it.

In order to get good leaders, we need to give bigger budget to education. With that we can produce disciplined leaders that would move this country forward.--Alfred Acopan