Carvajal: Where is the love?

Orlando P. Carvajal

THE Christian Coalition’s vocal and open protest against the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Equality (SOGIE) bill is itself proof that the country needs a law against discrimination of LGBT’s. What appears to be the group’s main reason (last in their list) that House Bill 4982 would pave the way for the legalization of same-sex marriage is discriminatory in both its legal and religious senses.

The principle of separation of Church and State in our constitution gives all religions the right to define marriage according to their moral norms and beliefs. Thus, they have the freedom to disallow same-sex union for their members if such does not conform to their definition of marriage.

But the same principle does not allow religions to impose their definition of marriage on a pluralistic society such as ours. For the state has equal right to its own definition of a civil marriage.

The Christian Coalition, therefore, has no legal ground to stand on in its concerted effort to prevent the state from exercising its right to its own definition of a civil marriage. The state’s obligation of protecting civil liberties extends beyond Christians to all citizens regardless of race and religion and of sexual orientation and gender identity.

In the religious sense… moral imposition is self-righteous because no religion has sole possession of truth and morality, the Catholic Church’s contrary teaching notwithstanding. It is unchristian because Christ taught us we are children of one God. Hence, we all have, without exception, the same inherent right to liberty, life and the pursuit of love and happiness, again regardless of race and religion and of how nature has scrambled a person’s male and female hormones.

Speaking of which, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, sin is defined as a willful violation of the Ten Commandments. And there is no eleventh commandment that says: “Thou shall not be an LGBT.” Hence, it is not a sin to be an LGBT. It simply cannot be because it is nature (not us) that decides on how male and female hormones combine to give us a clue to our gender identity. But LGBT or not Christians have to account for the way they observe the Ten Commandments.

Going down to ground level, to whom does an LGBT send a rose today, Valentine’s Day? His/her choice would have to be someone of the same sex but with a different gender identity. LGBT’s, like the rest of us, have the right to love, and partner with, the person of their choice.

Christianity preaches respect and love for all of the human family who are equal in dignity and rights as children of God. Where is the love in the self-righteousness of some Christians who do not treat LGBTs with respect?