Espinoza: No RevGov?

Elias L. Espinoza

IT was more of a loud noise than reality by the minions of President Duterte who said that he will declare on November 30 a “revolutionary government” (RevGov). No less than President Duterte who said that a RevGov or a military coup will not happen.

We can’t blame the President’s supporters for believing what he said recently and during the presidential campaign. He said that, “if my country is weakened and I see revolutionaries bringing firearms on the street, well, maybe you shouldn’t have second thoughts. I will declare a revolutionary government.”

Believe it or not, but President Duterte’s avid supporters allegedly plan to stage a rally on November 30 to urge him to proceed with the declaration of a RevGov. Do these guys know the consequence of a revolutionary government? Perhaps, they are merely craving for power. President Duterte should be cautioned about this kind of supporters.

Former senator and now Foreign Affairs Secretary Allan Cayetano was somehow correct when he told media to take the President Duterte seriously on his objective but do not take literally his solution. Even Sen. Ping Lacson, a former Philippine National Police chief, did not think President Duterte was serious about his plan to declare a revolutionary government.

The President is a lawyer and a former prosecutor. Lawyers are presumed to know the law. Having been in the practice of the law profession for so long, the President is aware of the limitations of his office as enshrined in our 1987 Constitution.


I salute President Duterte on his move to declare the New People’s Army (NPA) as a terrorist group just like the Abu Sayyaf. It’s about time Mr. President. The US State Department declared the Abu Sayyaf as terrorists in 1997 and CCP-NPA sometime in 2002.

The President ordered the government’s negotiators to stop the negotiation with the CPP-NPA because the NPA has continued its assault on government forces. The latest was the ambush on policemen that killed a child.

The President was incensed to learn that a child was killed in that ambush and quickly ordered Secretary Jess Dureza and Secretary Bebot Bello to stop any further peace negotiation with the CPP-NPA abroad.

In his conference, the President told the officers and men of the Armed Forces that the government will acquire more combat helicopters to fight the insurgents, or rather the terrorists. Let’s say amen to the terrorists in the days to come.