Tell it to SunStar: Survey result validates ML proclamation

MAJORITY of Filipinos (57 percent) support Martial Law in Mindanao, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

This validates the Filipino people’s “very good” satisfaction rating of President Rodrigo Duterte when the survey was conducted from June 23-26, 2017, or exactly a month after Proclamation 216 was issued last May 23.

The positive public response indicates that they believe the factual and legal basis of the proclamation of martial law for Mindanao, which includes the Maute Group’s attempt to remove allegiance from the government and to deprive the Chief Executive of his powers to enforce the laws and maintain public order and safety.

Hence, the need for the call of Martial Law, in case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it, as provided by the Constitution.

As to the same survey showing that majority, except in Mindanao, opposes expanding martial law in Luzon and in the Visayas, it is noteworthy to mention that all these would depend on the situation on the ground as assessed and recommended by military and police authorities.--Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella

Mayor’s demand

Why is Mayor Tomas Osmeña asking for the return of his police chiefs when he already has a police chief in Joel Doria? Is this not an insult on Doria, who was appointed police chief of Cebu City by superiors who have the confidence of Philippine National Police Chief Bato de la Rosa?

Wasn’t it de la Rosa also who relieved Osmeña’s chiefs from their posts because of possible links with drug lords? Would not the police chiefs’ reassignment in Cebu mean that Bato’s earlier action was wrong?--Deo Bocawe, Cebu City