Seares: Why they’re picking on John Yre de los Reyes

Atty. Pachico A. Seares

THE position of city administrator or C.A. under the Talisay City Charter (Republic Act 8979), just like that of a city manager in any other city, routinely doesn’t invite controversy.

While the city administrator manages day-to-day operations of City Hall, he doesn’t make the big decisions except on routine administrative matters.

It’s the mayor who calls the shots and assumes responsibility.

The C.A. keeps the government machinery humming, without drawing spotlight on himself. He assists in political decisions but he stays in the shadow of his mayor.

Why then is John Yre de los Reyes drawing as much fire as, at times more than, Mayor Johnny de los Reyes? The mayor is his dad, that’s why.

The C.A. can only have as much power and authority as the mayor grants him. Most C.A’s don’t get more than discretion on “housekeeping” chores. Some are shut out, their presence in the news limited or non-existent.

There are occasional media images of Cebu City’s Lucelle Mercado but rarely does Mandaue City’s James Abadia appear on a TV clip with Mayor Jonas Cortes. And whoever saw that Lapu-Lapu city manager, what’s his name, share a media scene with Mayor Paz Radaza?

And John Yre is combative. He has long given up on compromise and consensus-building. He attacks and assaults, on radio and in Facebook, infuriating enemies who instinctively or by design strike back.

At the gate

Legislators declared Yre “persona non grata,” symbolic and not real sanction, yet expressive of their scorn. And their twin move to investigate him on a charge of immorality might reap political dividend.

The City Charter places up high in its list the requirement that the city manager must be of “good moral character.”

Enemies at the gate know that smashing John Yre could help bring down JVR as well.