Bzzzzz: Labella on Tomas: ‘Father of a Monster’

CEBU City Vice Mayor Edgar Labella is not known for name-calling or criticizing. Maybe because as councilor, then as vice mayor, he didn’t need to be critical, much more acerbic in content and language.

But probably he now thinks that if he must tangle with Mayor Tomas Osmeña in the 2019 elections, he should clarify any “misinformation” and somehow respond to Tomas’s fire with some fire of his own.

Commenting on the traffic mess in Mambaling, caused by the DPWH construction of an underpass, Edgar said the problem was created by Tomas himself when he gave the go-signal for the project although no preparation made for the traffic horror that would result. Then mayor Mike Rama and Edgar were not against the project, Labella said, they just wanted to be sure that motorists and commuters wouldn’t be so horribly punished.

Then he called Tomas “father of the monster.”

A metaphor but the phrase conjures image of evil and bad things. The father of the monster must also be a monster. Or so chains in the mind link up.

Tomas still has to return fire with a name for Edgar. That’s how it usually goes.

‘Paeta oy’

MIKE’S BACK. He just returned from a trip to the U.S. to learn that he is not among the alleged drug traffickers or drug protectors in President Duterte’s list whom the Department of Justice (DOJ) had cleared.

“Paeta oy,” he told Jason Monteclar of dyCM radio. “Mo lang,” his sympathizers chorused.

Dec. 20 yet

The ruling of the Dept. of Justice panel that cleared businessman Peter Lim, Kerwin Espinosa and others of drug charges was signed Dec. 20 last year yet.

A senator said the ruling was puzzling and inimical to the drug war. Ozamis City police chief Jovie Espedido wondered why the CIDG evidence couldn’t be tight. The PNP is asking for reconsideration. DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said it’s not yet final.

It will help if they read the 34-page decision before making a conclusion.

Tell us about it.