Oberes’ kin welcomes move of 2 accused to become state witnesses

THE lawyer of the family of late Staff Sergeant Mark Herbert Oberes said they welcomed the recent move of the two accused to turn as state witnesses.

Lawyer Louie Arma said that the plan of accused Joshua Garciano and Resamie Cabañog to file motions to become state witnesses can help strengthen the case against Edna Cabañog, the alleged mastermind behind Oberes’ murder.

But Arma said that it would still be up to the court to determine if the testimonies of Garciano and Cabañog will qualify them to become state witnesses.

Both suspects have confessed they conspired to kill Oberes but they pointed to Edna as the one who initiated the plan to kill the Philippine Air Force (PAF) officer.

Jerry Oberes, one of the victim’s uncles, said the PAF has provided security personnel to the family as the four other suspects are still at large. (JKV)