Kepco’s 200-MW power plants up

THE KEPCO SPC Power Corp. (KSPC) has completed the maintenance of its power plants ahead of schedule and is now supplying 200 megawatts (MW) of power in the Visayas.

Park Hee Young, KSPC vice president and plant manager, said that Unit 2 of the power plant, which had been under preventive maintenance since June 28, is already operational.

“It (Unit 2) is supposed to come back online on July 20 yet but due to the extra efforts extended by the company, Unit 2 was normalized the other day(July 15),” he said.

KSPC is operating two units of coal-fired power plants in the City of Naga with a capacity of 100 MW each.

Park said that the immediate restoration of Unit 2 was their response to the widespread power shortage after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake damaged the geothermal power plants in Leyte last July 6.

Seoghee Yoo, KSPC marketing manager, assured the consumers in the Visayas that its power plants can supply stable power.

Even though KSPC has no contract and obligation to provide power to the Visayan Electric Company, Yoo said that KSPC is ready to supply emergency power to them.

“KSPC generates the necessary capacity so that it can stabilize the Visayas grid, which is presently suffering from rotational load-shedding or power interruptions due to limited supply coming from the geothermal power plants in Leyte. KSPC will, however, prioritize its customers on the power supply,” Yoo said.

KSPC urged the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines to facilitate quickly the restorations of its power lines. (EOB)