Inmate in Talisay jail kills fellow inmate over insults

AN inmate detained in the Talisay City Jail was stabbed to death by his fellow inmate while they were hearing mass last Sunday afternoon.

Ryan Campo, 33, was outside the jail’s isolation area at 4 p.m. when Lendy Maglinte, 24, suddenly attacked him.

Using a 12-inch deformed steel bar he got from the jail, Maglinte stabbed Campo near his collarbone.

Jail personnel and some inmates pacified the suspect.

Campo was brought to the Talisay District Hospital by jail personnel but died before arriving there.

Jail Supt. Gil Inopia, warden of the Talisay City Jail, told SunStar Cebu that Campo, who was jailed for murder and homicide two years ago, was kept in the isolation cell after he killed another inmate last year.


Maglinte, who is facing frustrated murder and attempted rape and theft charges, was also kept in an isolation cell for being a known troublemaker inside the facility.

Maglinte may have been angry with Campo for insulting him a few weeks ago, Inopia said.

Maglinte will face a complaint for murder this week.

Inopia said they had to separate Maglinte’s fellow inmates inside the isolation cell after the incident.

Apart from Campo and Maglinte, there were three other inmates placed inside the isolation cell.

Inopia ordered his men to check the jail’s cottages to see if there are items that the inmates can use as weapons. (JKV)