Bzzzzz: Tomas defends shooting victim

NOT surprising and not misplaced support of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña: Nurse Ephraim Nuñal was the victim and the underdog in the now highly publicized road rage incident of last Sunday dawn.

Nuñal had to contend with a man with a gun, David Lim Jr., son of a rich businessman, who would’ve the means of flight and if he’d be caught would’ve the capacity to hire top lawyers.

To the populist mayor, Nuñal was the logical pick. And Tomas pulled all stops: he led the raid into Lim Jr.’s home and the Lim family house, offered a P100,000 reward on evidence to obtain a warrant, and even sought the help of President Duterte’s confidant Bong Go to bar Lim Jr.’s flight from the country.



Mayor Tomas told his Facebook readers, “Thanks to the very quick response of Bong Go (the president’s confidant), a hold departure order is now in effect.”

Maybe not an HDO. Only the court can grant a hold departure order and the Office of the President cannot ask the court to do so. HDO has to be applied for and at the time Tomas announced it, none had been filed yet.

It was probably a Bureau of Immigration (BI) watch-list, which Bong Go himself indicated, in a message reproduced by Tomas, saying, “Pina-watchlist namin.”



The mayor offered the P100,000 “bounty” (word associated with killing a wanted person) for “corroborative evidence that can help the issuance of a warrant of arrest” against Lim Jr.

Only Nuñal alleged that Lim Jr. shot him. Apparently, that was not enough, thus the need for other evidence to produce the warrant.



If Team Rama still doubts Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak had already joined Pundok Panaghiusa, check this FB photo. It speaks volumes.