Millennial me

“TO FULLY understand our young, you must think like a millennial.” This was the advice I got from my friend. How is someone like me in her late 60s, supposed to think like a millennial? I consider this tougher than opening my cute mouth to a dentist.

First of all, I have to consider having a quick mind, thus able to multitask, a good eyesight and a dexterity that could send messages using the cellphone. All those considered, I must be computer literate. I should be able to text messages and spell words differently from the Webster dictionary. If I have to completely comprehend why millennials think differently, I should try to understand why they do this and that.

I must start with their likes and dislikes. Most millennials love junk food, hate to clean their rooms, disregard basic courtesies and pleasantries like greeting and saying thank you. Never mind the “beso beso.”

I do not mind their hanging out at the mall as you will see a lot of senior citizens are doing the same. At least that is something that we have in common.

I wish I could still contribute to some of the world’s inventions as some of our millennials do. Do not think less of any teenager if you see him sitting idly. His mind is working and thinking of ways to improve and make our lives manageable despite all odds.

The storage facility in the United Kingdom is now facing the problem of storage space because of the numerous inventions that it cannot cope with the fast pace of discoveries. Most recent discovery is the use of the bacteria inside one type of squid that illuminates. This biolite may someday light up the world should conventional sources of energy run out.

Another recent discovery involves the use of mini robots that are color coded and simulate the movement of cancerous cells aimed to discover the cure to the disease that has plagued mankind for decades. Millennials have so much potential so let us allow them to grow at their own pace. Sometimes we are tempted to push them so they can readily assist us through these hard times. This may be the underlying reason why there are so many of our children getting into show business.

How many times do we hear young ones declare their love for their families so that their eagerness to be of assistance seems to be their only purpose in life?